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Enchanted Kingdom Horses 

10-09-2015 UPDATE: I am no longer collecting.  I am in a different place in my life, so, this site will no longer be updated.  I plan to leave it here as a nice, basic reference site.  I hope you all have enjoyed learning about these horses!

  Please enjoy your visit to the world of Enchanted Kingdom Horses.  :)

         Enchanted Kingdom horses are a beautiful line of horses produced by Marchon (the same company that made Grand Champions) in the 80s. The adults are about 5 inches high and made of hard plastic with brushable manes and tails. Babies are about 3 inches tall with brushable hair or fur hair.  The horses themselves are small and elegant, but the really special thing about these horses are their costumes. Horses are dressed in many different themed outfits with fancy saddles, beaded bridles, headpeices and more! All accessories were removable for "dressing play."

          They were only produced for a short time from 1984-? and again from 1987-1989.  The horses produced earlier have some notable variations from those produced later.  Therefore I will refer to these as either First or Second Edition.  It is unclear of the exact time when the edition differences were made.  It is interesting to note that the first packages (dated 1984) only say Enchanted Horses, rather than Enchanted Kingdom.

          I have divided the pages according to pose, walking or running.  There is also a Mom/baby section.  This was the simplest way for me to group the horses.  This line was available packaged several different ways.  A horse could be packaged alone, with another horse, with a princess doll, with a baby, and more.  The dolls were also available packaged alone.  I personally do not collect the dolls.  They are all blond and have the same faces.  Sometimes they do not have a name on the package.   Therefore, unless a doll is packaged with a horse I will not have doll information here.                

            If you have any information about a horse not pictured here please email me. [ wystearya(at)hotmail.com ] 

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