EK Horses

Adults in the Running pose

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Rose Princess

     Rose Princess is the only EK Horse I know that is a completely different color from the first release (white) to the second release (pink).  Accessories are pretty much identical for both.   Except that the reins for the first release are gold chain and the second release reins are pink beads.

Apple Blossom

     Apple Blossom is all purple with princess themed accessories.  Her saddle has a pink fabric seat and a piece of pink fabric wraps around her chest to the other side.  The saddle is trimmed with irridescent ribbon and multi-color lace.  The headpiece is a light pink, pointed princess hat.  It has light blue ribbon wrapped around it and three ribbons (two blue, one pink) at the top.  Hairbeads are pink faceted on silver thread.  Her beaded reins are white with a silver mouthpiece.  I believe this is her original hairstyle.